Best Hair Transplant treatments in Dubai for Men and Women

Best Hair treatment can change one’s life. It is high demand and affordable procedure for an individual. Baldness is a major issue nowadays.  Facing hair loss issues? Want to know the real CAUSE?  …

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What you must remember while designing eCommerce Store

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Ecommerce Website is a great source to earn while sitting at home. But the main thing is to how to get it done by a professional agency. There are so many companies who will be offering this service but choosing the best agency is the most challenging part. Ecommerce site has lot of benefits. One the greatest benefit is the cost involved which is very less as compared to establish a physical office. Online store creation is not easy task to get it done by an amateur because if it is not designed according to the standard then it will become difficult to optimize in future for different search engines.
Online store Dubai

eCommerce sites need a lot of efforts. There are certain areas which require special attention which are discussed as under:

Product detail page.

This is the most important part. The product detail page must contain the correct information about the…

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Do you know how important is SEO for your Website? | Epic Dubai


SEO and website both are crucial for a successful business. If you have a functional, eye-catching website but nobody knows about it then it is of no use. The basic purpose of it is to give information about your services to your valuable customers. If your customer can’t find you when searching for a particular service or product which you offer then what is the need of having a website. From this statement two things are obvious. First of all we must have a professional working website and then we must optimize our website through search engine optimization.

Designing a website:

This is the first step towards making a great online presence. There are so many ways to design a website i.e. you can design it by a freelancer or hire local web Design Company i.e. if you are business owner in Middle East then definitely you will be looking for web design companies in UAE or nearby countries. The location of the agency doesn’t matter a lot but it does matter that your agency must be professional and has enough experience in designing websites for all niches. As your website will be your 1st impression your customers can see so make it nice, user friendly and search engine friendly as much as possible. It is not enough only to work on its design aspects you have to make sure that the site is SEO friendly. Search engines can easily find it. Once everything is setup then the next major task is to perform SEO for it.

Performing (Search Engine Optimization) SEO:

Once your website is ready and live then the next important thing is to work on its SEO. Better to design it in SEO friendly architecture. Everything must be Ok in terms of Search engine optimization such navigation, URL structure, Coding, Load time, etc. I am sure there is no need to explain what SEO is as everyone who is related to a business knows the definition and importance of SEO. In case if someone doesn’t know then in short we can say it is a process of improving a website ranking in different search engines. Different techniques are used by SEO Experts who are well versed in SEO to increase the visibility of a website in searches. It is a slow process rather than Pay per click but the advantage is that it can give you free traffic as in PPC we have to pay certain amount to Google per click. SEO is relatively affordable and the results are long lasting. SEO mainly consists of two parts one is on-page SEO and other off-page SEO. In on-page the website pages will be optimized and changes will be applied to title tag, header tags, content, urls, meta tags, images and certain other on page elements. While in off-page SEO quality back links will be required. After penguin updates this part has become too challenging and hard because links acquired from penalized or low quality websites will harm your website. So try to get links from high quality, trusted sources. There is also a concept of dofollow and nofollow links. Google only takes into account dofollow links as a ranking factor. There are so many other techniques which are also a part of successful SEO strategy which are adding the website to Google webmaster tool. Adding Google Analytics code to web pages so that you can analyze how well your website is performing.


So from the above explanation it has become clear that both SEO and website are very important for a successful business and companies need to invest in both. If you need any service whether web design or SEO or you need both services at affordable cost then Epic Creative Digital Solutions based in Dubai would be happy to assist you any time.

Search Engine Optimization for Specific Location

SEO is a technique which is used to increase the visibility of a website in various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. When a user searches a query in one of these search engines then search engine brings those pages to the top of search result pages which are most relevant to that query. For example if a Search Engine Optimization Agency in UAE wants to improve the ranking of keyword like “search engine optimization uae” then the company’s SEO Expert will use certain on page and off page activities to make the website relevant to the search query.

On Page activities will include:

Changes to Title, Description, Keywords, Header tags, Keywords density, content, Image Alt tags, etc.

Off Page changes will include:

Link building from authority relevant websites but remember don’t use exact match anchor text aggressively while building links. The websites must be trustworthy and the links must be follow as only dofollow links pass link juice.

A part from these activities there are other techniques which are considered the most important part of a successful SEO campaign which are adding Google Analytics code to the website, adding the website to Google Webmaster tool, submitting sitemap.

Local SEO has a lot of benefits. Companies who have great online presence will get more customers and ultimately more sales. However finding a trustworthy local online marketing company is also a challenging. If you hire an SEO Person who has not enough experience in SEO and online marketing then your money and time will be wasted so the reason why before hiring a company for the SEO work do a complete research.

Dubai is the world’s most popular place for business. Each business has to face a lot of competition the reason why you have to make a proper business plan to beat your competitors. But before investing in advertising plan you should consult the experts in the relevant field. If you want online marketing to promote your business then you have to consult a professional online marketer who will guide you in the right direction.

If you want to promote your business in UAE then of course you must hire a local advertising agency. The agency must be creative and has a lot of experience in the marketing field. Epic Creative Digital Solutions is a Digital marketing agency in Dubai helping local businesses to increase their sales and building more customers through successful online marketing and SEO campaigns.

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Old Site VS New – Which is better

Digital world has changed completely if you don’t keep yourself up-to-date then definitely you will be out of the competition sooner or later. When it comes to new vs old site then you have to make some critical decisions specially if your site is ranking well in terms of SEO but if your website has been penalized then you have two options either to remove the penalty or design a new one. Here is what it is explained in Search Engine land article:

So that from this we realized that having a new site is sometimes better than to work on the old site. It can be a hard decision but there are numerous benefits such as you if your old website structure is not good, not optimized for mobile devices, bad user experience then with the new design you can implement new ideas and can make it SEO friendly, user friendly and responsive.

Suppose you have an old site and you are not happy with its performance and you want a brand new design to increase the conversion rate whenever you come across like this situation then keep in mind:

  • When you redesign your old website then definitely the URLs will be changed but if you don’t re direct your old URLs to the new ones then you will lose all your organic ranking so make sure you have redirected the URLs properly.
  • Do an analysis and SEO audit of the site and make the necessary changes in order to maintain your old ranking.
  • Consult with a reputed SEO agency to help you in the re design process. It is better to involve SEO Experts in the development phase to make the structure SEO friendly. If you don’t know which option will best suit your needs then consult UAE’s Leading Digital Marketing Agency Epic Creative to guide you in the right direction. To learn more about Web design and SEO visit: Epic Creative Digital Solutions 

SMS Marketing a Wonderful Advertising Technique

Starting SMS Marketing Campaign for promoting your business is the basic need of every business whether your business is in UAE or in any other part of the world. Mobile phone users are increasing too fast so the need of SMS advertising has also increased. It is very useful as it is cheap and highly effective. You can target your customers very well through it. If you don’t have a great SMS marketing strategy then you have to start it right now.

It is very important to know the ROI when you are doing SMS marketing. How much you are spending and what are your getting. Although it is a cost effective marketing technique but if it brings nothing to you then you have to make some decisions.  How to make it fruitful. How you can get the most out of it without spending a huge amount. When you choose the company research how well the company has been operating in the past. How many clients they have.

You can send different types of messages such as promotional SMS messages, Wedding messages, New Year etc. So whenever you decide to start your SMS Campaign then choose a renowned agency to do it for you. Make it your primary marketing option.

SMS messages are sent and received frequently. The amazing thing about SMS messages is that they are opened at the time when received, while emails messages are opened later than SMS as they require login and internet and irrespective of this SMS messages are more likely to convert.

But before sending your message try to keep these tips in your mind:

If you send the message in the right time then you can get good response from your customers. Some days of the week are much better than other days. So you have to choose the right day.

Try to know who are your targeted customers? What are their ages? How much it will be fruitful?

Try to start SMS contests and see the results.

We at Epic Creative offer Mobile Marketing Services in Dubai. We also send bulk SMS to Dubai customers. Want to start a profitable SMS Campaign in UAE contact us today.