Social Media Marketing Dubai

Gaining free traffic through social media sites is the most beneficial marketing trend nowadays. This technique is highly popular in UAE and companies are focusing more on social media to get the advantage of this organic traffic. Social Media experts are in high demand currently in Dubai. New social media agencies are setting up rapidly. The competition is too high. Finding a reliable agency to handle your social media needs is becoming very difficult.Social Media Marketing Dubai

Companies mostly use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Pinterest to get new customers. Facebook advertising plays a key role to promote a business without spending too much. Social Media marketing has a lot of benefits. It is helpful in increasing sales and brand awareness. You can openly discuss anything related to your business with your targeted audiences. Your message is delivered to your potential clients whenever you want. The conversion rate is high. It has also a positive impact on the SEO. It is best suited for small business with limited budget. They can spend a specific amount within their budget. When it comes to Facebook paid advertising you can even target very specific people depending on their age, location, gender etc.

Where to get Social Media marketing services in UAE?

In Dubai, Social Media is a part of the marketing strategy of most of the companies. There are so many companies offering this service in the Gulf but only those companies can give the best results which have the best knowledge of the UAE market and have experience in the Gulf Market. Epic Creative offers affordable Social media marketing services in UAE. At Epic we have highly qualified social media specialists with years of experience in different media platforms. We use latest social media tools to monitor the improvement and to get the best results. So if you are planning to start your social media campaign in Dubai then contact us today.


Why do you need SEO for a Website: An Overview?

Web design and SEO both are crucial for the success of a business. If you have a business without a website then it means you are just wasting your money. For a successful business strong online presence is very much necessary. To make a perfect online presence a working website is the first step. If you don’t have professional website then you must start working on it now.

How to get a website done?

Whether you are a startup or an existing old company you need a nice looking website to promote your business and to reach your customers. There are may be two options to get a web page done one is to outsource the project to a Web development agency and 2nd is to hire an in-house team of developers. Both options have their own pros and cons but mainly it depends on the budget and requirements. The process of web design starts from purchasing a domain name, buying hosting plan, requirements gathering, designing the UI, development phase and finally deployment and maintenance phase.

The two most important phases are design and development phases. In the design phase web designers are getting involved and create different user interfaces based on client requirements. Once the design is approved then the development phase starts. Web developers will use latest tools and techniques in the development phase such as PHP, .Net, CMS according to client’s requirements.

How to promote a website using Search Engine Optimization.

Once the web page is live then the next most important step is to start promoting it using different online marketing mediums such SEO, Google Adwords, Social Media, Email Marketing etc. One of the most cost effective and profitable medium is SEO. During this process the website is analyzed based on different factors. SEO Experts will be involved and make an analysis report. Based on this report the website will be optimized for different keywords. Once the website started appearing in searches for those keywords then the business will start receiving inquiries from the customers looking for the services which the business offers. SEO is not a onetime process so in order to maintain the ranking one has to work on it on regular basis.


If you are looking for both the services at affordable price then you can contact Epic creative Digital Solutions a UAE based reputed agency. At Epic we offer cost effective web design and SEO services for Dubai and international clients. Contact us today for a free quote.

3 Top Requirements of a Successful Business

If you are doing business and you have not used these three things in your business strategy then you are missing a lot of sales. You have to utilize your time, money and efforts to make a business successful. Here are the three things which every business needs. Let’s discuss them here:

Digital Marketing


A website is the most important requirement of every business. In todays’ world if you are running a business without a website then this can be the biggest mistake. As it is modern era and everybody has access to internet so millions of searches performed a day so everyone likes to visit your website to get an idea about your services or products instead of physically visiting your office or business place. So it is better to showcase your products and services in a well-designed web page.

Search Engine Optimization:

Only having a website is not enough if your customers can’t find you when searching for products or services you are offering. So after having it you have to hire an SEO agency to do SEO for your website. So first of all do a complete research and then make list of companies offering online marketing services and then study their expertise, experience. If you satisfy then select the best agency who offers ethical SEO services. Epic Creative Digital Solutions based in Dubai is a reputed SEO Agency with in-house team of SEO Experts. At Epic we are highly proficient in both on-page and off-page SEO.

SMS Marketing:

SMS Marketing is the best Advertising medium to generate quick leads. It is also very affordable marketing channel for all types of businesses. With the rise of new mobile phones the need for SMS Marketing has increased even more. There are companies who offer text message advertising to businesses to generate quick sales. Epic Creative is also one of those Digital Marketing Agencies. At Epic we do SMS Marketing for all types of businesses.


Whether you are a startup or an established company you need to employee the above mentioned 3 techniques to increase your revenue. At Epic Dubai we offer all the services you need under one roof. We offer trusted online advertising services to companies in UAE and across the world. Contact us for a quote now.