Mug printing in Dubai: Epic Creative

Mug printing is becoming the most popular business in UAE. A personalized mug can play a major role in promoting your business. It is considered a low cost advertising channel which will have a long lasting effect. You can gift your promotional cup or mug to a friend or customer and which will always remind the person about your brand.

Dubai mug printing

Mugs are printed in many different ways. For companies with limited budget direct screen printing would work much better. Ideally used for simple designs and logos. These are also safe for dishwashing. Transfer printing takes longer time but it is good for mugs with convex shapes.

Digital printing will work well for high volumes of short run application but it becomes little bit costly as compared to other printing methods.

Never compromise on quality so always go for the best services. Companies use poor quality materials and poor printing methods to get the job done in an inexpensive way but this can ultimately hurt a brand recognition the reason why it is better to find a quality print shop to get the best quality personalized mugs.

The scope of ceramic printing is growing day by day and companies are taking more interest due to low price and effectiveness. Mugs are printed using different techniques and by different companies in UAE. You have to struggle a lot to find a reliable customized mug printing company. Before you hire the services you must see the sample work which the company has previously done for other clients. Epic Creative Digital Solutions is a UAE based mug printing company offering UAE’s best mug printing services. Call us today


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